About Me

Hello! I am Potassium. That is a picture of me and my husband, who (if you read my very first post ever, this might make sense to you) I will call Cobalt for blog’s sake.

Fun facts about me:

  • I received my biochemistry PhD in October 2014 and in 2017 I completed a Science Communication certificate program at UC Santa Cruz.
  • I move around a lot. I am originally from California. Then I went to undergrad in Washington state. THEN I moved to New Mexico (which is where I met Cobalt). After New Mexico, I moved to Colorado for grad school and a short postdoc. Then I headed back to California to learn the ins and outs of science communication. Next we went to the sunny side of Washington state so that I could complete a science communication fellowship. And now we are hanging out in western Washington (the wet side) where I help make engineering research relevant and accessible to everyone!
  • Cobalt and I have a kitty named Tarantula!

I happen to love photography and I am trying to get better at taking pictures. Sooooo I started this blog to challenge myself. Plus, it’s kind of fun to have a picture representation for whatever sort of antics Cobalt and I are up to. Basically, this is going to be my outlet for letting off some of the craziness associated with figuring out the next step in my career… you were warned…

I love (in no apparent order): sharks (I have 9 11 15 a lot of stuffed sharks), whales, cats, most animals actually, fat things with wings and teeth (wings aren’t necessary for cuteness), stuffed animals, photography, soccer, my friends and family, science, science communication, reading novels, learning new languages, and being weird.

Some of the cameras I will be posting pictures from:

  • Nikon D750 – My DSLR. Love it. With this camera, I only shoot in Manual mode. Makes it more challenging and helps me get better at photography.
  • Nikon D80 – My old DSLR. I haven’t been taking very many pictures with this guy recently, but I usually bring him along in case someone else wants to practice their photography skills
  • Canon Powershot SD1400IS – my burnt orange point and shoot camera that has all sorts of fun modes on it, such as Color Accent, Color Swap, Fisheye, and Miniature.
  • Poloroid t1455 – point and shoot I got from Woot.com. Hilarious. And cute.
  • My iPhone XS!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I HAD to check out a blog that was called iampotassium. Very cool! Love the controlled randomness of your post (I mean that in a good way). Can’t wait to keep checking back!

  2. Your photos are great. You like to eat? I have How-to’s and food videos over at Savor the Food. I would appreciate your comments and readership..when your in between photo taking and the Lab. :)

    Looking forward to what other photos Potassium posts!! :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Chef randall

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