I’d like my state medium well, please…

So in case you haven’t heard, Colorado has a huge wildfire going on right now. The High Park Fire is currently 5% contained and it is the third largest wildfire in the history of the state at 43,400 acres. Keep us in your thoughts though. People are being evacuated and one person is thought to be dead… scary stuff! I was worried about this when we didn’t get much snow/rain this winter and spring… Booo…

Today’s pictures feature the picturesque Flatirons that look over Boulder. The top picture shows all the haze from the High Park Fire that we got here this morning. The bottom picture shows a Flatiron peaking up over some bushes in less hazy conditions this afternoon to give you an idea of the difference…

What sorts of natural disasters do you get in your area? Have you ever been evacuated? Btw, this week has been a bit ridiculous so my usual Wedding Wednesday post is probably going to be late… Also, for the record, I prefer my steaks medium or medium well… I like my states to be not charred too…


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